Improve your poker cash game skills with these tips!

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Having a polished poker cash game strategy is very important. Due to tournaments on the television and the presence of online poker platforms, the game has become even more popular. One of the major advantages of poker cash games is the ability to rebuy and play. As long as you play your game with a strategy in mind and reasons to back up your every move, you have more chances of winning. Here are hacks you can apply to help you beat poker cash games, and take the Pot.

How to improve your poker cash game strategy

1. Begin slow

It is important to start slow when playing. Some poker cash games like the no-limit Hold’em can make you lose all your money with a single hand.

The best way of knowing how much you should start with is by dividing your entire bankroll with the number of games you will play. If you do not have a plan on how much stake you will place on each game, there is more risk of depleting all your money, even before the game starts. Patience is a major key of you want your poker cash game strategy to work.

2. Always know and understand your position

Before making your move, weigh your play based on how many players are behind you. In early position, it is important to play a smaller amount of hands, rather than strong hands like KQ and AJ. Playing strong hands against multiple players is a really bad move in poker cash games because there are many people to act.

Like all other poker winning tips, playing small in early positions comes from mastering the art of patience. Most beginners are eliminated early due to their lack of patience. Ensure that players behind you are so few that there are only limited chances of either of them acting against your strong hands.

Position is very important in poker. Knowing your position will also help you to determine your move after an opponent has played.

3. Bluff wisely

The poker bluff usually works on opponents who are very uptight when it comes to going showdown minus a strong hand. For example, if you are playing online poker, you should check the ‘went to showdown’ (WTSD) stats.

Only bluff the river (an opening where there is a big value to be made) if your opponent is in the low 20s and ensures that your line is sensible enough, before proceeding with your river bluff.

In poker cash games, big pots indicate big bluffs and big hands. Be on the watch out for nitty players before firing a bluff. You could be thinking you are the right path to winning with a pair of AK only for your opponent to hit you with a set.

Bluffing can help you to win, as long as you play as if you really have the hand that you are representing.

4. Be in control

There is no winning a poker cash game without applying pressure on your opponents. The more pressure you apply, the more mistakes they are likely to make. Depending on the direction of the game, you should have targeted players in mind.

You should start with playing against the weakest players. In these games of cash, it is wiser to play against players with lower skill levels than you. If you play on a table where most players are weaker than you, your chances of winning increase.

Since most hands miss the flop, you can also gain more control of the game by raising pre-flop and betting again on the flop, which means that the player with the most momentum takes the win.

5. Place your stakes according to the Pot size

Before placing a bet, professional poker players always consider the size of the pot in proportion to their bankroll. For example, you could be betting £100 at a pot that has £5 in it and win a few times. However, one loss will require that you win more to recover and make a profit.

Sometimes, you will have to use mathematical strategies like the Kelly Criterion when determining how much you should bet, according to the Pot size.

Remember to stay calm throughout the game and to focus. Be keen to notice your opponents’ bluff and moves. Also, avoid being too hard on yourself or overthinking. You can start by implementing our poker cash game tips!